Center For strategic military excellence

National Training and Visit Center Returning Veterans


In partnership with The Center for Strategic Military Excellence (CSME), Monument to Women Veterans will provide a state-of-the-art job training center for veterans.


This training center will provide veterans with resources, vocational rehabilitation, job placement, and expertise in the construction industry.

How The Training Center Will Help

Training In Construction

Offering classes, training, and on-the-job knowledge of construction

Vocational rehabilitation

For veterans with physical disabilities or those who have PTSD or other trauma

Employment Assistance

Assistance finding and securing construction jobs throughout the country

Veterans In Construction

There are over 250,000 open positions in the construction industry, creating an opportunity for veterans.

Veterans are 2x as likely to own a business as their civilian counterparts

9.1% of all U.S. businesses are veteran-owned, and 11.4% of construction businesses are veteran-owned

Construction is one of the top transferable skills for veterans

Hospitality Management

Rebuilding the hospitality industry after 2020 will be more critical than ever in Florida, and throughout the U.S.

Training for the hospitality industry is diverse. Necessary skills include communication and ways to interact with the hotel guests. Hospitality management roles require strong teamwork and leadership skills, which veterans attain during their service.

Information Technology

The number of job openings in data science and IT is huge and shows no sign of slowing.

Employment of computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 11% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. These occupations are projected to add about 531,200 new jobs, with companies looking to fill their ranks with specialists in cloud computing, collating and management of business information, and cybersecurity (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020).

Healthcare Management

The healthcare industry covers many professions and is one of the most popular career paths for veterans. Examples of job roles within healthcare include hospital operations, nursing, research, or administration. Regardless of their previous career specialization, there is an opportunity for veterans to apply their skills within the healthcare industry upon leaving the military.

Career Transition

The training center is committed to helping returning veterans find a rewarding career. Applicants will receive assistance in finding jobs that are best suited for them based on their aptitude and interests, as well as skills gained during prior military service.

National Visitor Center

Our Pensacola-based museum and monument will also serve as a Veteran Welcome and Information Center. We will provide resources from local entities, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and State and Federal Veteran support services.

Resources for Veterans

The goal of the visitor center is to give all veterans the assistance they need to access their benefits and critical resources such as healthcare, career, housing, and financial support. We will work one-on-one with veterans to evaluate their unique needs, source necessary documents, and set them up for a successful transition back to civilian life.

VetCV is the Veterans' Online Home - a place where Veterans can find resources, organize and store important home, medical, and military records, even discover career possibilities.

More than just a web application, VetCV is a virtual friend you can count on as you transition to your New Life as a civilian or to your next adventure. VetCV is built by Veterans for Veteran.


The app is user-friendly and intuitive. Learning its features requires no documentation or complex instructions.

  • Finding a Job and Career Transition

    VetCV provides the resources needed to build a winning resume, excel in interviews, and find a job or career that fits their interests and skill set.

  • Transition and Resources

    VetCV helps veterans find tools, tips, and links to resources they need.

  • Service, Awards, and Stories

    veterans can quickly access DD214 or other supporting documents to prove deployment history for Comp and Benefits award.

  • Personal Health Summary

    VetCV allows veterans to keep track of their insurance information and essential summary medical history, including their meds and prescriptions.