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MWV/CSME’s Partnership with VetCV

The Center for Strategic Military Excellence and Monument to Women Veterans have partnered with VetCV, the Veterans’ Online Home. VetCV is a tool for veterans to find resources, organize and store essential personal records, and even discover new career possibilities. VetCV is more than just a web application platform; VetCV is a virtual technology ally you can count on as you transition to your new life as a civilian or your next adventure. VetCV is built by Veterans for Veterans.

Career Transition

Getting settled into a career is a challenge for many Americans but can be an even more difficult transition for veterans when they reenter the civilian workforce. VetCV intends to change that with their platform, connecting veterans with relevant job openings and the resources needed to secure those jobs. Their platform offers additional guidance with resume building, interview preparation, networking connections, and ultimately securing a career that aligns with each veteran’s unique interests and skills.

Documents, Service, Awards, & Stories

When it comes to personal records, VetCV also offers a place to safely organize and store essential documents by uploading or simply taking a picture with your phone. VetCV provides Users quick access to important information and uploaded documents such as their DD214 and supporting documents to prove deployment history needed for benefits award for example. Additionally, veterans can track their medals and awards and upload “War Story” pictures. With much more to come!

The platform provides the ability to access, organize, and manage:

● Credentials: Licenses, certifications, & training

● Military clearances, orders, & deployment history

● Medical history, medications list, immunizations, and more

● Medals and awards – Coming soon

● Other important documents

 It can be a challenge to organize and access necessary documents. VetCV ensures ease of access for documents when needed while maintaining a secure and straightforward document storage solution for veterans.

Our partnership with VetCV

In partnership with the Monument to Women Veterans, the Center for Strategic Military Excellence (CSME) will develop an education and resource center for all veterans seeking guidance, mentorship, and direction after their career in the military. This center will serve as a Veteran Welcome and Information Center and will provide resources from local entities, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and State and Federal Veteran support services.

Through CSME’s partnership with VetCV, each CSME training center student will also manage and track training coursework, certifications, licenses, and other credentials and even find that next great job. Other VetCV app benefits will also be available, including VetCV Patriot Teaming Partners and the VetCV Resource Library. Patriot Teaming Partners include Top Employers who can post jobs to both the CSME website job board and nationally, on VetCV.

Stay tuned for more about this great partnership that will support our veterans with workforce development and other crucial efforts.  You can get started with VetCV here and learn more about our strategic partnership.

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