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5 Back to School Tips for Military Families

There are a few things you’ll want to consider during this time of year when considering returning to school for any family, but for military families, there are a few extra things you should take into account.

Heading back to school is a stressful time for any family, but for military families, there are a few extra things you’ll want to consider at this time of year. Keep reading as we share our top five tips for military families with kids heading back to school soon.

1. Gather all necessary documents 

Don’t leave it until the last minute to get all of your necessary documents together before school begins. If your child is heading to a new school this year, call ahead or check their website to determine what you need to bring for registration. You’ll often need to show your child’s birth certificate, immunizations, physical exam, social security number, and proof of residence. Make sure you also have their report cards from previous schools, as you’ll likely need to show these too.

2. Take advantage of military deals and discounts for school supplies

School supplies soon add up, especially if you have a few children in your household. Make the most of some of the military discounts on offer for school supplies, which can help to reduce the cost of clothing and stationery a little. For clothing, we recommend heading to Old Navy, Kohl’s, or L.L. Beans, all of which offer discounts, and for classroom supplies, take advantage of the military deal at Office Depot and Michaels.

3. Encourage open communication

Starting school can be challenging for children of all ages, so we encourage you to keep communication open with your children. If they are struggling to settle in at a new school, make sure they know they can speak to you about how they are feeling. You’ll find that the adjustment of going to a new school is much easier for them when they know they can come home and tell you how they feel at the end of the day.

4. Start new routines at home early

We all know how chaotic mornings are when everyone is rushing to get ready for school or work, so start these routines a week or two before school begins. If your children have been sleeping in later every day during the summer, begin to get them up a little earlier and get into good breakfast habits. You can also encourage them to start putting their clothes out and packing their bag the night before, which will make mornings much more pleasant for everyone involved.

5. Look into educational resources for military families

There are many great educational resources out there for military families, all of which you can take advantage of each year when your kids go back to school. You can use these before heading back to school and supporting your child’s learning throughout the year. We particularly recommend Tutor.com and Thrive, both of which offer resources for children of all ages.

Heading back to school is an exciting yet nerve-wracking time for the whole family. By following these five tips listed above, you can set your kids up for success this school year and help them settle in at a new school with ease.

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